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Don't Sleep on a Statement Piece

Ah.. statement pieces, we all admire them, we all own them, and we are all secretly scared of them... but what makes these wardrobe wonders so scary? How do we give in to our admiration without being discordant and or looking like we stepped out of an 80s sitcom? 

First off let me tell you ladies (and gentlemen), the 80s are back and better than ever! Vintage has come full circle, and I couldn't be more excited. But if you won't take my word for it, pick up any fashion magazine at your nearest neighborhood Ralph's.  With that said, let me at least give you some reassurance and helpful tips on rocking what you KNOW YOU WANT TO!

Before I started in the fashion industry, a shocking color or an out-there vintage accesory scared me, and I would always watch a girl walk by and be like "wow, I wish I could pull that off!" My shopping ideals were find that piece that will "go with everything," or that I can "wear to school, and go out in." Let me tell you, that got BORING real fast. As it should! 

It wasn't until I started shopping with the idea that fashion is literally wearable art that I really began to appreciate these pieces for what they were, fashion. 

The key to my shopping mindset now is finding the pieces that say something and trusting I can work around it. Trying things outside the comfort zone and being willing to take a hit once and a while is what fashion is all about.

Start Small with a single statement, maybe it's a belt or a handbag that jumped out at you in the window, or maybe it is a crazy colored blouse. These are the types of things that are worth taking a chance on, because they can literally define an outfit. Pair it with something that compliments and heightens the specialty of the piece.


It Isn't Meant to Sit in Your Closet, so let it shine! Make it a part of your everyday get up.. if you love it, wear it! It isn't too crazy or too much for your lunch date with your old college roomate. Rock these pieces, get comfortable with it, they are meant to be worn!

Don't Be Afraid to Be Bold!



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